Skooly - Everything [paroles]

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Skooly - Everything

Paroles: Everything


Black John gotti

My kosher no-sher


CCM Nigga

Oh yeah

RA star star

Look way up

Imma star

Imma star star

Imma star baby

Imma star



Please do not turn up the heat

That shit might cause us a flame

Im full of propane

My flow is full of propane

I should've been in the game

I should've been in the game

Niggas is hating

Niggas is lame

They know that shit's calling my name

But look

I guess it's all in the game

I come from a hood that do all of those things

My momma the cook

Some of my patnas is crooks

Some of my patnas got coppas with problems

This shit is not as sweet as it looks

You niggas is sweet as you look

Don't need no hook

This shit is actually fun

This shit is actually fun

Go Back to this rapping and singing

I wasn't actually done

I wasn't actually done

And please do not play with my niggas

I got a passion for music

They got a passion for guns

Takers harass you for fun

Make them harass you for fun

I been in this shit for a while

I know how this shit gone get done

Look here!

I want a panamera

I wanted me a vella


Bad bitch, butter pecan

Her [?] vanilla

Now new love my kill ya

And true love is the realest

And true and real is the trillest

That's me

Can you feel it?

Look who just walk through the door

The man with the money

Tell me how you really really feelin

Like the man with the money

(I know I do)

And niggas ain't real

Not how they suppose to be

You did not try with you [?] with me

You did not sleep on the floor with me

You did not go to those shows with me

You did not get on that road with me

Only my brother

O-Only my brothers


My daddy treat me just like his brother(He love me)

I gotta thank god for my momma(I love her)

My sister is just like my twin

She got me everything

So she can get everything