Slaughterhouse - R.N.S.

R.N.S. Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Joell Ortiz]

Once upon a time in the projects, yo

I'm at a cee lo game and my dice hit 4

That nigga rolled a 3 but I ain't get my dough

My hammer got a red light on it but I let that go

My whole life hidin' from the 5-0

Sirens loud outside of my door

Shortys screamin', "You's a wild nigga"

Lil' bitch actin' like she ain't know

I put in that work, my name rings those bells

Niggas know not to play with Joell

Niggas know not to play with my money

Cause niggas know I'm not taking that L

I've been in these streets all of my life

Had niggas' teeth all in my nikes

Had white sheets all in my heat

Had white meat all in my knife

My nigga it's real nigga shit

Big pound on my chest

Big pound on my waist, nigga hit pound R N S

[Hook: Joell Ortiz]

I ain't ever ran on my niggas, never took a stand on my niggas

I will never jam up my niggas, real nigga shit, R.N.S

I ain't ever ran on my niggas, never took a stand on my niggas

I will never jam up my niggas, real nigga shit, R.N.S





[Verse 2: Joe Budden]

Once upon a time on the Jersey City dock

Had my truck parked in that corner, had them 18s on yappa

When a nigga ran up on that bicycle, with his hand on that Glock

Tryna get his blast on with that mask on

But I thank God it ain't pop

Thank God it jammed on him, jammed on him

Pay for havin' that drop

If he was in our shoes, he woulda killed us too

So we ran straight to them cops

That was fun homes, it's cool

See you when you come home, you get a time wait

None of my niggas gon' tell on you

We'll turn anything 'fore we turn state

Just real shit, O's around

No sausage party, keep hoes around

My dame come and we treat her like that

She come around, she goes around

She gon' call her friend up

Tell her 'bout that money we throw around

And then go blow her jack up

To holla at a nigga they know I'm in town

[Hook: Joell Ortiz]


Once upon a time in North Long Beach, yo

Somebody was knockin' at my door

It's my homie, and he from Compton

Told me he heard some niggas was plottin'

To come up to my spot and leave me shot

And bleedin' prolly from a problem from the past

Get that Kevlar and guard your chest

Stand your ground but watch your step, my nigga, that's R.N.S

Now I circle the block before I pull in the house

I guess a couple killers like hidin' in my hedges

Word on the street, they heard about the Bentley

Park that shit, ride in my Lexus

With two TEC-9s, kind of ironic how I'm ridin' with TECs

Bout to send my rivals a message

Cold as the ice in my necklace

I'm feelin' like I'm in Vietnam with insomnia

Or a kamikaze in Bosnia

Cause it's so hard to rest

When you're at war with killers and that's R.N.S

[Hook: Joell Ortiz]

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