Slim Thug - Blow In Da Wind (Ft. Blaze Burna & Le$) [paroles]

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Slim Thug - Blow In Da Wind (Ft. Blaze Burna & Le$)

Paroles: Blow In Da Wind

[Verse 1: Slim Thug]
They say Thug, why you only rap by bitches and money
‘Cause bitch is all I do get bitches and money
I just bought a new bitch uploading the wind
And she love me so much, she met me fuck with a friend
Why your boyfriend shut, 13 years in a hoe
15, I got 7 left you gotta do all for row
It’s real in the..we getting money, money
From the H to triple D we getting money, money yeah
They claiming Ferrari, they claiming the bitch
But I heard them hoes smile so I probably take beat
The Merrill came with the get..
We play from the loud let the blow and the wind
Got am lick back in ..and the shit don’t end
Broke bands in my hands much I spin
Then we dig like I ball no matter how with the coast
If I want it Imma get it I put that on the no

Pop that time back my bitch are blow in da wind
The way my spot drop stacks I let em blow in da wind
Smoking la la backs better flow in the wind
You say that bitch ain’t damn let em blow in da wind
Let it blow in da wind, let it blow in da wind
Let it blow in da wind, let it blow in da wind
Let it blow in da wind, let it blow in da wind
Let it blow in da wind, how sound we ..

[Verse 2: Blaze Burna]
Girl my name is Blaze Burna and I can’t buy Bentley
But I’m beating the beast since I was ..mention
I’m ..and hunts but I’m still here with me
Till the one 400 that’s where you ..
They test us new all us then I stay in the..
Even though I’m from Houston I stay took away ..
This thank perfume press.for the..
Party me it’s a fuck em, and I’m telling no stressing
Mama had blue bands somebody woke up and bull em
Mama put that 30 and..she know she have ..
That’s my ..12 ..I ain’t know I can give you
They pulling ..hoes you face city
And I was only you happen you where the day
Before they shut down taste
They say they place, we was stick in the blick
Have the time you ..think about west wood
Mama roll up this purp


[Verse 3: Le$]
This a murder flow, I’ma kill em all
From a Bentley hoe I wanna ball
26 and I’m .. yeah I’m call
In this..though you know I have the shit and y’all
Yeah I got my change up you lane up f*ck
Never..I switch that lane up
Be that I came up
The new hoes in them new clothes
New lax in new foes, new paint and I’m new foes
I’m too clean it’s too .. watch go hard
Stunt em them niggas I never like
I don’t even want your bitch house fucking out of spite
Killing it ain’t no mike ..maybe nigga you crazy
No niggas could ever fail me your mother fucker..
I’m more than ever say my baby is a ..
Rolling with my lady pacing nigga try to ..
And I lay back rise slow chase than everything ..
Too hot good good, blowing in the wind