Slim Thug - My Life (feat. Propain) [paroles]

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Slim Thug - My Life (feat. Propain)

Paroles: My Life

We from the city of them riders
Born to die but we was raised to be survivors, ( for the rest of my life)
Yeah is always some shit i wanna change
I look around man it's gon always stay the same, for the rest of my life
yeah we boght them drugs and ..
it's fucked up nigga i’m a proud of it , for the rest of my life
Yeah this shit is hell let them tell it
but it make me so forever i’ma weapon( for the rest of my life)

thug till i die won’t let nobody change me
seen a lot of niggas switch up but i’m still the same
ain’t try to be like y’all, y’all niggas lying
i came in the game of G and that’s how i’m gonna remain
always stay the same i don't even know how to change
you think i give a damn about the shit they call fame
When i was there broke none of these hoes want to fuck me
but now you say you love me when im suppose to feel lucky
when i was there broke i ain’t had as many friends
not everybody cool since i all got some mens
They real so long i can pick when you fake
You niggas ain’t one hundred i see it in your face
I’m an H-town weed smoking country nigga with money
And keep a bunch of bad bitches and stay stunning
Hogg life i’ma live it till i’m dead and i’ma be this way until i die i go fade


Grown man shit i don't need your hand out
This nigga try to fit in well fuck it then i’ma stand up

Niggas call for fakes but fuck it homie i rain out
Never call this lucky this shit was something i played out
The underdog is heading to the top half the black
Kicking in doors they think they got a luck
never stop niggas is shaq they never had a shot
same once chaine in the crowd hoping that you fly
i’ll never change and give my soul to this fake shit
Fake that, fake hugs, fake bitches, fake love
Fake this and fake that knowing with my faith ..only one above is the only one can judge
And i thought i never .. in the truck got the Top
missing everything there’s something i’m gonna remain
and i better still boe when they take me out the game


These niggas leave in contradiction

I contemplate if i wasn’t in this position
I wonder if niggaz will give a fuck how i was living on
Not at all
No probably be on the block
Probably die for what i’ m sayin like pac was shooted shot
These streets tell me I’m next probably not
Fuck these niggas knew i can’ t..