Slim Thug - Peaceful [paroles]

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Slim Thug - Peaceful

Paroles: Peaceful

Everyone deserves a place that's

I'm all by myself and it's so peaceful
Peaceful [X2]

[Verse 1: Slim Thug]
At the crib with my kids and my momma
Far away from the stress and the drama
Came up in the game, did it myself
Young hustler big dreams out here chasing wealth
Stressful world make you want to stay in the crib
I'm trying to live how a boss lives
Tired of fighting cases over dumb shit (fuck that)
I'm trying to run shit
This world is changing, way too many snakes
Every time I turn my head so many fakes
So I choose to be one deep
'Cause that's how you get the best sleep


[Verse 2: Slim Thug]
All I need is a lot of weed
Smoking Kush til I can't breathe
Being a hustler's just in my genes
It's a must, I have the finer things
So I stay up on my grizzy (on my grizzy)
Hustling every day staying busy
Tired of taking losses gettin' put in crosses
I'd rather be around a bunch of bosses
No more taking L's for nobody (for nobody)
'Cause, shit, I'm trying to be somebody
They like "damn Thugga, you done changed"
I tell them, "hell yeah I'm getting better mane"


[Verse 3: Slim Thug]
Escape the world leave the drama outside
My home, my place of peace please let me hide
I turned off my phone like "leave me alone"
Let me lay back, relax, smoke back to back til I'm gone
Work so hard barely enjoy the fruits of my labor
Barely get to enjoy the gifts, I'm getting this paper
Peace of mind is priceless, when I end your lifeless
It's the only way to way to live life to it's finest
Sitting back in that throne like "Thugga you're on
Came up from the bottom now Thugga you've grown"
Still strong in the game getting money, mane
Stay real the whole way so now-a-days it's


They say it's lonely at the top they say
I ain't mad