Smoke dza - Always been (feat. mac miller) [paroles]

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Smoke dza - Always been (feat. mac miller)

Paroles: Always been

Go find me women fast cars new clothes and I am ready to go
The further we get the bigger the check more cities more people to know
I am feeling so good real great amazing but that's how it's always been

Yeah a little bit of... break it down sprinkle it in the joint shit
The type of... who would be late for his appointments fresh white crush it
Good fast it... now my shit congested has to be... musically amazing let it out like water
So I am fluid with the... New York drove up fluid to... he's smoked when I got in
We're blazing smoke weed maintain most of women and any of my engagements
Bunch of fan bitches... in a range black white Asian got a whole compilation
They say I am talking crazy but I am young and I don't give a fuck
You wanna hate me now I am... you are giving up
Give me your money and I will live it up
Make sure my homeys got some liquor they can drink in their cups


Come in, win, plus I am cool like a... night
I shut a few zips but that's up light
You know I charged... that's over the clouds
Might... you can't take me... I am in
Plus... hit me so it's marathon time again
How far is the high life and the... of things
To the world wide they are minor things
If you ain't flying high then you might as well hate
36 thousand feet in the air I am feeling great
And I am never coming down you need your pilot license with you
Whenever I come around... courtesy of my homey...