Smoke Dza - Baleedat (ft. Curren$y) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Smoke Dza - Baleedat (ft. Curren$y)

Baleedat Lyrics / Paroles

call this north dakota cushes that a roma
grand in peace for ..courtesy of fsll up
always gotta flow back bitches on my cobra
in love with dubba china but now with dubba hoda
faded off the jan until we meet again
‘cause just like .. i’ll be all like 3 a.m
she always wanna chill ‘cause a man is in her pen
i’m with my nigga richie so make sure you bring a friend
we’re like a lie skin tight long hair
and free joints and ..we no wife
we no time to enlighten, slime ..

it’s like that, and slide that
i’m just listen the girl you can have your wife back
she g’d up, she don’t like rap
she just want a real nigga and i pipe that
believe that, believe that, believe that
she hit a nigga delly ‘cause i’m feeling that boy
she say she need that, believe that

fast life slow slow sayin more shit in new clothes
tryin put your papers on your bitch sayin ain’t so

this raise me slime to the city trap there go ..
cadilac make a .. drop top ..and them haters see what i got
your bitch in the passenger ..rapping the ro..
smoke thicker than pin up but a me and this bitch don’t even need each other
well will be together and she fear me and i feel her ass sofa mother f*cker
i understand why you love her


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