Smoke DZA - Black Independence (ft. J. Ivy) [paroles]

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Smoke DZA - Black Independence (ft. J. Ivy)

Paroles: Black Independence

From the Ivory Coast
To Bronxville
Best up, St. Louis, Detroit
Memphis, Jackson, Rosewood, Harlem
This is toaster before the bombers
Black Wall Street
We hall heat cus we want options
Made it through America’s great adoptions
Went from being stuck to getting stacked
Hustling box to hidden racks
They fashion our design cus we don’t slack
They fear the idea of independence being black
Uh! What’s the business? I am the realest
They give you the fantasy story, here go the realness
If a rapper ain’t goin shows he’s probably slow
Cus most niggas doin it always be on the road
No 3-60′s less it’s weight spinnin
Them whack deals ain’t designed for no niggas winnin
I’m over the weak advances
Distribute yo own shit, it’s better chances
Fightin the same battle was Ye
But don’t worry, we got the answer, sway
Invest into yo dreams nigga
What I created is what I rock today
Ah, motivated times two
You could do anything you out yo mind to
No ownership, it ain’t worth the deal
On my Percy Miller shit, I’mma persevere
Black business
Independently ran
Black independence
We make bread, break bread
This is like dollar power
The black dollar hour
I hear cowards sayin why yall talkin about getting cash
I want the teacher to read about us living in the projects in they history class
That’s what I’m on
Tryin to get yall to look past getting on to getting loans
Let’s own the bank
I don’t about you
But I want my great great great greats to be strive
Independent as fuck, I own me
Publish shit, merchandise, show money
If I don’t kill my food I won’t eat
You see all my moves, that’s all me
Controlling my own destiny
Knowing the value of my equity
You gotta hold yo turf
They’ll try to give you what they want, nigga know your worth
Uh, you’ll get what you negotiate
So stickin to yo guns is the only way
Successful free agent,
Couple homies fightin for they freedom while they caged in
I ain’t tryna be a lamb caged in
Nah, I’mma need the whole enchilada nigga
God bless you
Criticize but you don’t cut no checks so I respect you
Really can’t tell me shit, look at my credentials
Black business
Independently ran
Black independence
Imagine a billion black billionaires
Everybody happy, everybody livin fair
We ain’t no world dominance, just refuse to be dominated
But we’ll be accommodated
Everything comes around full circle
You can’t mess up the rotation and laws of nature
Tied up in vacations on layaway and payment plans
Fuck fly kicks, I’m tryna put my feet in the sand
And have enough to pay for land and other land
I’m my own boss
Touring like 40 days and 40 nights
The tour bus turned into an arc
Who else you know sell out shows in Denmark
No deal, no big co-sign from no stars
Just bars, my g
Sinatra shit, I did it my way and did me
I’m just tryna be a better me
They hate Sean like Tucson but they could never rob me from my legacy
They hate Sean like Tucson but they could never rob me from my legacy
Positive energy
Peace to my brother, Dom Kennedy
Black business
Independently ran
Black independence