Smoke DZA - Hearses (ft. Ab-Soul) [paroles]

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Smoke DZA - Hearses (ft. Ab-Soul)

Paroles: Hearses


I just can't say no (x3)


I just can't say no (x3)

Let em know that i'm giving out hearses

Giving out hearses


Giving out hearses (x2)


16 bars of death

Keep my posites on they neck

I'm a really fuckin' cold fly nigga i'm a jet

You a bird ass nigga you be shittin' in your ?

Every line is bullet nigga I hope you got your vest

Mad? Niggas stay mad at me haters in form of flattery

Fuck nigga give Liu Kang fatalities

I ain't never worry, a real nigga ain't gotta say he a real nigga

Cuz, niggas know already

Talk grease but I'm your favorite ar-tist

Every verse is funeral i'm a walking Ortiz

Kush God speed, your chick fuck with them gangsters she ronchy

That's on me

You cuff em up cause she a bad girl

Pop off with a nigga she a fast fuck

Threw the cake in my face

Told me Happy Birthday, show mad love

Mash-up, roll up, smoke mad bud

Then I be Casper for a blow job and a back rub


I just can't say no (x3)


I just can't say no (x3)

Let em know that i'm giving out hearses

Giving out hearses


Giving out hearses (x2)


What the fuck you gon' say about me?

Can you tell em I'm the same OG?

I smoke weed, get high, keep it locked I stay low key

Watch you mind your fuckin' business

Respect the HNIC

Replace the N and C with two eyes and you'll see me

Throwin' up the fuckin three

Three letters, TDE

And that's for eternity

Kush God and the God MC

Once again, but it's more to see

You might have been to sea world

But have you really seen the world

Ask yourself these type of things

Solar system don't go against him

There is no one else alike

Used to have them pipe dreams

Now bitches dream about my pipe

But now we onto bigger things

Reaching peaks and different heights

Women that do different things, still got lean all in my sprite

Fuck life I'm going all out

It's your broad's house, and my balls out

I got demons in my life, I need Jesus in my life

But I ain't sipping wine, I'll be fine Popping Champagne

And we'll bring pain to your camp

If you don't join the campaign
Another vehicular homicide, Chris Dorner sniper lies

Sandy Hook, Columbine, minus the crisis actors

You niggas born slackers, your voice don't even matter

So mute the chatter, fuckin rappers

This that flow they mic jack, 'This Is It' nigga

Don't watch me, watch my neck and how my wrist lit up

I came back from mines on you jabronis, i don't mingle with you phonies

Bitch I'm KONY, Alcatraz on the track

Attack like a savage cat

Undertaker, this the casket match

Pallbearer bring the urn out

They won't win til we quit, we don't burn out