Smoke DZA - I Got Kids [paroles]

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Smoke DZA - I Got Kids

Paroles: I Got Kids

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
Jet Life. We controllin' the sky
Loaded as a motherfucka but I'm re-energized
I got my hands on the money, I got my eyes on the prize
Dawg you know what this is, no need to question my fly

You know I be 'Lo-in' up
Doctor dooms lookin' clean as fuck
Fly shit, baby, I be on nice kicks, daily
I'm a 'Lo store regular, never smokin' that regular
Nigga three trippy sticks in, homie high and ahead of ya

You already know what this is nigga
Gotta get that bread, I got kids nigga
Fuck the juice, there too many niggas in my hood go out in a blaze tryna get it like bliz nigga
This game for live men, not for freshmen
Them JLR niggas got it locked down, no second guessin'