Smoke DZA - Lo Horsemen [paroles]

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Smoke DZA - Lo Horsemen

Paroles: Lo Horsemen

[Verse 1]
Hello to all, LO it all
LO the hat, shirt, pants, LO the drawers
LO the socks then LO the boots
It’s horses in the V-2, I guess you say we LO the coupe
VROOM! I’m a horseman for real my nigga
I cops out like I made a deal my nigga
Know three things, I am vet and I am fresh
So when you see a nigga draked in all L, know that I am next
You never get that, just sit back
You know when I’m in ? supply, niggas feelin’ so alive
Or at the crap table making bets and Black Label
RLX and double RL too, matter of fact
We the RL cartel crew and I’m heavy with the animals, barbell zoo
They don’t call me limo for nothing
Do you see a nigga stuntin’?
Causin’ mayhem in my ? as I George Kush the button

Yeah, one L, still means nothin’ without the other
The double L

[Verse 2]
Dip like a mannequin from seven deuce and Madison
Snow beats in every classic, items known for matchin’ them
My outfit speak so loud that one could enter rap with ‘em
So say I’m dressed to kill, see niggas even clap for them
Clap for what these polo items that I got
It’s no mystery, it’s history, these Brooklyn niggas shot
Rep two Ls, drop jewels, Ls
And shine like the jewels I drop and church that’s hot, uh
Graphic prints, US mint, low silk
Keep it under the tints, picture me rollin’
Pockets probably swolen, plus I’m possibly holdin’
Fuck bronze and silver, dawg, my dress code is golden, what?

Yeah, yeah
Hey yo, the team is official, son
We got some double L athletes

[Verse 3]
Right, it’s the horseman
Rick, ?, ?, and Tully
Blow horse on my skully, all the hood rats love me
Like low sweat suits, one time for my nephew
Light a nine gram bomber for my little nigga ?
Sip some Reeseling, been lowed up since my feet swing
And my p wing like it’s a G thing
Two Ls nigga, we in the house, rock a decent amount
Denim bought to you by Rachel and Ralph
Shit he be on it, bullshit don’t wanna speak on it
Smellin’ like that green bottle with the three on it
Make bitches wanna get next to you, smokin’ on that extraterrestrial
Watch wear, oyster perpetual nigga
Turn the lights out
Polo sport jerseys when it’s nice out
Three series with the transparent top
Low to the socks, what’s the hatin’ about?
Got nothin’ else to say, OG, take ‘em out

Let them hate Smoke
Everything they hate, they bitches love, know what I mean?
They never knew how to understand why niggas is so fly
Low life forever
My Ls is my wings
Like I said before, I ain’t fly no more
I’m skydiving status
Throw me off the plane, that’s how lowlifes do
From the eighty eight greats
To the rest in peace to the lates
From now and then
Always, to the end
Cause we are the beginning once again
L for life, L for life
My Ls for life