Smoke DZA - Pass Off (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Bluntsmoker) [paroles]

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Smoke DZA - Pass Off (ft. Ty Dolla $ign & Bluntsmoker)

Paroles: Pass Off

{Verse 1: Smoke DZA}
Call up a uba, let's get outta this bitch
They like "Man, you always steaming bro" I'm tired of this shit
Ain't no way on this green earth I can get high off this cliff
You a fucking buddah head, you gon die off this shit
That's a fuss answer, Wrong drug dummy, that's a dust answer
Gamers have an appetite, but it's forever fuck cancer
Double L R varsity, with the black panther
Hate a weed science acting like that shit is that danker
Too much, thinking about it too much okay sanford
Pet peeving that anger, lash out on poor strangers
God damn it, {?} she screaming she probably hoarse
Asking if I mess with whores, nigga left that pussy sore
Wrong turn, fuck around catch a charley horse
Smoking personal, she like it's about time you cough

{Hook:Ty Dolla $ign}
Wake up, count my money
100s, 50s, 20s
Rolling up the dank
Pass it to the homie
Wake up, count my money
100s, 50, 20s
We don't love these hoes
Pass it to the homie
Pass off

{Bridge: Smoke DZA}
This is for Gz and this is for my hustlers
This is for my hustlers, stacking their Gz
This is for my Gz and this is for my hustlers
Speaking of my hustlers, back to this weed

{Verse 2: Smoke DZA}
A nigga chiefing, 8th grade high cheesing
Loading up my Snoop Dogg G-pen
I hit the road and get stoned
I don't even have to roll to get stoned
Shit, Dice Clay with the chain smoking
Pothead shit, got my chains smoking
Bob Marley head diamonds all in up the dreads
I ain't that different, bitch please
You don't know the half, chicken
Plus a nigga wasted like a failed Grand Theft mission
So much chronic in my system
Pray to god, i'm not a piss test victim
Well don't do crime, nigga
Too much bacon, stay off the swine nigga, pass off


{Verse 3: Bluntsmoker}
You know your man Bluntey
Got these niggas crunchy
Fresh pack of Palmer's, roll me up a blunt please
I'm a smoker, never sober
I bought the drop, so bitch you know us
She wanna blow us, hopped on a tour bus
Met us in Cali, drove up to Boulder (Colorado)
Now we're rollling, while she blowing
I got the bitch open, but... pass off