Smoke DZA - Rugby Thompson [Lyrics/Paroles]

Smoke DZA - Rugby Thompson

Rugby Thompson Lyrics / Paroles

Nucky Thompson and Chalky White body
Add a little Al Capone, put some Rugby on, you got me
Quick to catch a homi, on tracks say I’m too snobby
Master the art of shittin, now I teach my son to potty
Hard lounge stuntin, RL something
These garbage men got no swag: Charles S Dudden

We was rockin them joints when you niggas wasn’t
Rug 4 boots, I stops the show
They try to play rugby but I rocks it tho
Every day, I got lots of those
Indian head on my sweater: I’m chief Lots-of-Smoke
Should be the face of the brand if possible
Cause a lot of niggas rockin it, I’m responsible
Colorful bucket looking tropical
A lot of my patchwork denims got pot to blow
Reckless nigga, rocker flow, Jim Hendrix, Jim Morrison
Gold receiver and he only pick up when the money calling
Don’t ask me what I’m repping, cause it simple son
Jetting on these monkeys like I’m focused playing Temple Run

Putting on for the block nigga, sleep be gone
KushGod on yo ass nigga, the heat is on

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