Smoke DZA & Wale - Absolutely Perfect

Absolutely Perfect Lyrics / Paroles

Kushed God Bitch
Dope boys and Ralph Lauren

[Verse 1 - Smoke DZA]
Perfection is key
Arrogant smirk kill them effortlessly
Run through your stable I'm ready and able
The foreign eye can tuck the ref couldn't see
Now the squad allow coalesce with the gods
Every move thats made we leave them in awe
Hold the applause
I'm a heathin schemin I'm the genius with bars
Perfect combo no denying the ora
You can turn your head but you can't ignore it
Stating the facts, this OG is killer that Larry Xanax
Pick any sport and I pick them apart
Pick any hustle I flip and evolve
Whatever's the purpose
Now homie that’s perfect
Now homie that’s perfect
[Now homie that's perfect]

[Interlude - Mr. Perfect]
Nobodies beaten me, I have no flaws, I have no blemishes but when if you really stop to think about it, what would you expect from Mr. Perfect?

[Verse 2 - Wale]
Yeah don’t ever compete
I’m willing and ready whatever the beat
Shout out to Curt Henning I'm Lexicon Legend
Perform perfect plex with greatest of ease
Overzealous until I hold my division
Throw a towel behind my shoulder and kill it
They not no contenders, ahhhhga, spit gum at you nigga
I’m cocky foreally my cousin in prison I pray for his vision
Now way, I came out the city but stay with the cell parlay danger is really
Ain't tryna be famous for really I’m just tryna give your lady a feelin
I’m just tryna get my baby a crib, I’m just tryna make my stable a million
Yeah DZA, Folarin, Tele and Arn pushing the horses, fuck it
Don’t play with them cars one black one white like Abel and Jordan
Woo don’t play with the squad you come off the ropes in a DZA hip toss
And I ain't talkin bout no flip to the mat, I’m talkin bullets, missiles straight through ya back
Shout out Philip Brooks you a G in my book, light one for CM, AJ in the back now smoke (purp)
Light one for CM, AJ in the back now smoke

[Outro - Mr. Perfect]
Take a minute out and think for yourself and go through life absolutely perfect with no flaws, no blemishes, every single thing you do is aboslutely perfect

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