Smoke DZA - Zone (ft. CJ Fly) [paroles]

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Smoke DZA - Zone (ft. CJ Fly)

Paroles: Zone

[Intro: Smoke DZA]
Yeah, DZA
6th Sense production
Cause for destruction
Kush God bitch

[Verse 1: Smoke DZA]
Riiiiiiight flow, insane deranged nigga
I'm hungry like a wolf, Duran Duran
I get to swanging on you niggas, orangutan
Kush God, bitch you should claim the fame
I'm a prophecy dawg, not to be crossed, nigga
You can't fuck with me I'm [?] to yall
Killing, I'm fleeing the crime scene
Pluck me a fine ting, gold cubans
Gold Roleys, diamond rings, floss
Or wrap on off wax high'd up
Train of thought off track
I pop bottles like I pop my collar
Niggas talk lots of garbage but not a dollar
Shake hand with millionaires exchange the power
No dabs to bums, head nods and hollas
Niggas fake if you ask me, classy
They like me better when I was fucked up and ashy
But actually

[Hook: Smoke Dza & CJ Fly]
They act like they wish me well
So I act like I believe them
Uh, humble till you piss me off
Just give me a reason, uh
Life moves so fast but on the gas stops
No I won't crash, I can't be stopped I'll have my rum

[Verse 2: Smoke DZA]
Fly like I'm on trapeze
Bomber after bomber match me
I'm in the game homie peep my stat sheet
Amerikkkan Korruption, long live Capt. STEEZ
4-7 shift, nigga never quit, cut cloth from the thoroughest
Urban terrorist, that low shit is embedded in me
My old lady pushing 750, killing bitches delicately
Don't hate get cheddar with me, enough
For everybody to eat, call mines, hustler
Call [?] really a moron if you sleep
Must be on lee, stuck on Hennessy beach, kna' mean?
Know I come from the streets, kna' mean?
None of you niggas could take me off my diem
Folks gone cop, hoes gone flop
Bottom line, the show don't stop

[Hook: Smoke Dza & CJ Fly]