Snoop Dogg - Aint Nobody [paroles]

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Snoop Dogg - Aint Nobody

Paroles: Aint Nobody

[Verse 1]
Snoop Dogg
They wonder how I do it, that's that big boy shit
5-7 clean, that's that big boy whip
State Seattles mean, that's them big boy kicks
The way I mack at a bitch, that's the big boy spit
King of the coach, yeah, I earned my due
Pimp hoes, pimp clothes, yeah, I earned that shoe
Been around the world, did my time in the pen
Niggas in gangbangs is back on them swings
So how could you ever disrespect my place?
Since '93 strong I was all in your face
Big shows in arenas, bitches picker than Trina
Party like rock stars at the bars where I seen her
Made my move closely, you owe me
I had you in the club for 10 years sipping slowly
To my shit classics and all it was was keeping it true
I brought the west back, what did you do?


Ain't nobody better than me
True hood rock star in me
Ain't nobody better than me
S-S-N-double O-E

[Verse 2]
Slow motion in the fast lane
Feeling so alone blowing domes in the crap game
Sitting at the top of the game where you ain't
Got every type of car so now I just play the paint
Show after show, bank row in the Rolls
Living nice, big slice, got me slamming cans a doors
Three piece suit with a pocket watch
Snoop comin on[?], you all riding chrome like you gotta stop soon
Did it the G way, he say, she say
Peer pressure to me, way to stop, bang in the seat way
I was the hog in the streets
Got in the game and broke the law on these beats
The slow flow killed and people said I rapped like I was chilling
Way above the stars, Snoop Dogg is top feeling
Plastics and all it was was keeping it true
I brought the west back, what did you do?


[Verse 3]
Who get it like I done it? (Nobody)
You just in it, nigga, I run it
I gave life to the game and you behind on your bills
Like I can't get in your grill cause I live in the hills
Snoopie this, Snoopie that, yeah, I heard what you said
Ungrateful ass nigga, all the kids that I've fed
Young ass buster, let me see your ID
I just chunked up a bill passing VIP
I gave niggas a lane to represent that G-A-N-G-S-T-A on me
Been crippin', been pimpin', been doing the do
See me walking and that whole world doing it too
They play follow the leader, boss on the move
Shot down to the shoes, man I brunk on shoes
Cotis at the mall, I've been keeping it truth
I brought the west back, what the fuck did you do, nigga?