Snoop Dogg - Gangstas Don't Live That Long [paroles]

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Snoop Dogg - Gangstas Don't Live That Long

Paroles: Gangstas Don't Live That Long

[Intro: Snoop Dogg and (Mr. Porter)]

Alright I'm ready

Rollin' rollin' rollin' rollin'...

For life, for life....

(I like that)

Gangsta shit

(We gon')

Real smooth, you dig?

The big boss dogg

Snoop d-o-double-g

(See you niggas on [?])

[Hook: Mr. Porter]

Cause my life's worth more than

The money that ya' live and die for

And where I'm from my nigga you get shot

For sellin' out your man when he the reason you got on

(I ain't trippin')

You know they say, that gangsters don't live that long

But how can I be here homes if I wasn't real-ly that strong

I pro'ly should be long gone

Tell me (Tell me, tell me, tell me)

[Verse 1: Snoop Dogg]

Tell me, what does it take to be dangerous

Everytime I look around, the game steady changin'

From coast to coast, rearranging

Them boys out west, we insist to keep it bangin' (Westside)

Ah yeah, we maintaining, burnin' up the charts, we spark, now we blazin'

My young home boy, he amazing

The cookie, rookie, shook him and took him

And now he famous (wow)

Couldn't quite picture that, wonder what he fishin' at

Now ya talkin' bout this and that

But pass that loc, I don't diss no mo'

I make number one hits, you know

Believe me, I make it look easy

You wanna know how to do it, then watch Snoop Deezie


[Verse 2: Snoop Dogg]

Yeah, cuz, the game won't wait up

Dismissed all the beef and shook all the haters

And took on the new routine

Started coaching youth football to go straight clean

Like mean Joe Green, I step on the scene

They want an autograph and a picture, you know what I mean? (nah mean?)

I get to 'em, nigga, don't ask why

I'm real to my people, that's just how I ride

Yeah, since I slid in the do', I been at this

Some gangsta mack shit, but I did it with practice

Yeah, yeah, y'all know I get actin'

I live to learn, teach to reach my status

Top of the charts, have heart, have money

To have money, you gotta have heart


[Verse 3: Snoop Dogg]

It's been thirteen years, no pain, no tears

Respected by all my peers

No matter where I'm posted at, my hands stay close to that

Ratta da dat dada dadat dadat

And as a matter of fact, no beef on the streets

No black on black. We gon' be all on one track

So I fall in ride or get lost in the pack

It's like that, fo' real, we ain't bluffin'

Right now it's West Coast or nothin'

I'll push that line and in due time

Y'all gon' respect this cause out here, fool, we rhyme

Oh, yeah, we bang, but right now it ain't time

So put away yo' nine, an' fall in line

(Tell 'em why)