Snow Tha Product - Fire [paroles]

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Snow Tha Product - Fire

Paroles: Fire

[Intro: Daenerys]
Do you understand I'm no ordinary woman?
My dreams come true

[Verse 1]
I've been marginalized, I've been obliged
To succumb to come to the politics, swallow my pride
I been in the offering by all of these guys
Try walk, I get the brought down to size
Why am I constantly questioned
If inevitably I'm destined to take what we know as my life
That's the life on the throne and a life I should own
Only people that standing would be on my side
I've been up for this long and ain't slept
I've been here, I've been gone with no rest
And I'll take that, take this and take them
Taking no stepbacks, we'll make shit a movement
There ain't no rest out, I'll be taking to allignment
And ain't no example, no tempering, I will win
But I bet that betting will begin by a measly small, frail woman
Now they see me, but I will summon
But to me it's fire like hell's coming

[Verse 2]
In a world where a girl isn't much
I got the fire that none of y'all gonna touch
I've built an army, I've been all in the cut
I've moved along
I've worked as hard as the toughest men involved in all the darkness
Of blood so [?] the swords were drawn at the cusp
But oppurtunity risen between broken trust
And an obsene scene of deep greed and lust
And I've seen the injust'
Then they told me to cut the chains, leashes up
And that's reason enough
And I will take that, take this and take them
Where the rest at there won't be next of kin
If you don't step back, step down, I'm convinced
I don't wanna kill, but I bet I will for the win
What I built isn't it, gather a milion men
It's a man's world 'til a girl works hard as him
When I begin and thoughts come in, stick it to them again
I can guarantee no one fighting me is gonna live