SonReal - Try [Lyrics/Paroles]

SonReal - Try

Try Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]
Been working all damn day for this pay cheque
Boss ain't never ask me how my Day went
They say working hard will get ya where ya wanna go
But i been running ever since my feet dun hit the Pavement
And when I walk outside I don't see no difference
Yea I got a suit and tie but...I don't feel too different
Cuz my hydro bill just came in and it's 2ice as much as last month
I got couple kids so I been filling the bathtub
Oh baby that's the struggle of a mother ducks doing
I was gunna stop Ya on the street and complain
Stead I walked the other way like I feel no pain- cuz I gotta show em
I'm trying - ain't waiting in no line
Ain't walking in your shoes- I'm booking it in mine
Cuz people got too much and This life ain't enough time
So before you try fix em Just know Just know

All my problems don't need no solving they just need time to unwind
And all my worries don't need no jury they just need Me to decide Ima try Ima try
Im trying Im trying Im trying (x3)

[Verse 2]
Waiting all damn day for the weekend
Lately i been feeling shit been off the deep end
And i been waiting i been waiting round for time
I been waiting round for yours i been waiting round for mine
And this waiting never help me nah this waiting never grind
Nah this waiting fucking kill me yea this waitings like a crime
Had to shoplift what I got so i could get up out that line
Now I’m running down the street like I’m about to cross a line
OHHHH damn it - mall security chasing me like its for fun
Pulling out his phone he dialling 911 - said i got 2 minutes before hearing cop come
So i try to show em - I’m trying... I’m sorry I broke lines
I’m really a good person - i never done no crimes
So go and check my record not one thing that you’ll find
So before you try and fix em just know, just know


Do just what you like maybe thats okay
Do just what you like maybe thats alright
Do just what you wish maybe thats your gift
Do just what you like maybe thats alright
Maybe thats alright (x5)

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