SooL - Just Because [Lyrics/Paroles]

SooL - Just Because

Just Because Lyrics / Paroles

Just Because:

Just because I am a lucky negga, dream to be the realest negga
Richest in the brain, the pocket full of money, save the homeless
I’m not a kind of Jesus, Muhammad or devil angel
I’m just this angry negro, bearing cross of revolution

Verse 1
Yeah, call me sword for the freaks
Killing for the money that they stole from our dust
We don’t deserve to be free, so answer I can’t we pee on your laws
(just because) just because I’m a rapper
means I’m a rapist/ brain full of violence
fist of the avenger/ black power students
good was the teacher/ killer klan kicker

my people’re locked up in the dirty hands of justice (just because)
our peace and freedom crumbling in the hands of richest men
my word is bad, the call me murder, just because I’m not slave
wanna save my world still suffering for the richer lands

hell is here, and the heaven is fleeing away or dead
we need a savior call the money, kill our dads, but still can love it
drug game is not a game, that’s why our niggas dying
we’re black from blocks, dying through the wars
who care ? nobody
youth is killing young people, ‘cause we’re feelin’ free
but indeed we’re jailed in our dumbness, so we’re easy preys
anger gave us blood, suffer gave us tears, money gave us power
just because we’re slaves or negga forced to be, stop the beat
making us believe we’re free, but in fact we’re cheeps
walking to the hill, smiling when they see our planet dying
now we’re paying bills

hook (x2)

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