Soulja Boy - Covered In Gold [paroles]

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Soulja Boy - Covered In Gold

Paroles: Covered In Gold

[Hook Dice Raw:]

[Verse STS]
Spittin' image of perfection; yo quick question, baby can I get directions?
She said: "To where?"
I said I'm trying to get to heaven
I was hoping you were an angel or your daddy is a revern
At least, peace, I'm Sugar
Friends call me Slim
Now you don't know me from a can of Sherwin Williams
But if you willing, hell if you chilling
We conversation pushing kush to the ceiling
You quite appealing, shorty they all told you that right
[?] Venus, lady you goddess like
I respect it even more cause you the modest type
Hell, when god made you he knew he got it right
Type of body a nigga gotta like
Could make a queer fellow wanna get a model wife
Hey bartender, server her whatever bottle she like
Fuck price! Tip the waiter to keep it on ice
I heard about you from my nigga Dice
He described you as being more than kind of nice
Fit for a king you should have that type of life
All covered in gold and diamonds, right?

[Hook Dice Raw:]

[Verse STS:]
I love your attitude, and your skin tone
Queen Cleopatra Ms. Cleopatra Jones
Type of women I would take in holy matrimon'
Shorty fly, she don't ever get her ratchet on
I cut those other hoes off I got my hatchet on
Trying to lock it down with you put the latchet(?) on
Cut the lights dim; turn the music on
Burn a doobie making love to a Roots song
Her shoes [?], her blouse Louie Vuitton
Plus the matching bag, she high fashion
Ralph romance, smell it when we slow dance
Glass in my scottle(?) got you doing it with no hands
Caddy broham, drop top slow jam
Ain't it pronounced brone, I'm like no ma'am
Grammar country as Nelly was I'm barely buzzed
She rolling up for a nigga I might've fell in love
I wanna Rolex your wrist up gold first lady
18-karat cut
Jackie, Hilliary Michelle Obama such and such
It ain't no rush it's just

[Hook: Dice Raw]

[Verse STS]
Let's take a gamble and she if we can hit
You looking lovely as a winning lotto ticket Ms
You got me feeling lucky I should play the quick pick
Have us both covered in gold and shit Slick Rick
Check retweet pics on your timeline
Follow each other but rarely do we correspond
At least publicly
And she luckily, doesn't mind bitches saying they fuck with me
You can't blame hoes
Gentleman of leisure baby you know how the game goes
What you think I slang for
So I can hang [?] Vera Wang on my main ho
I let her know that it's a lifestyle change
I let her know there's some out things that, try and ruin is
She like "True enough
But we can make it if we try just the two of us."
Build with the shit
I love her quick wit
Perfect timing baby you deserve a diamond
I understand why fools fall in love [Frankie Lymon?]
Something about the way you shine