Paroles Hey cutie (feat. trey songz) par Soulja boy

Featuring(s) : Trey songz

Par  |  il y a 9 ans  |  Artiste : Soulja boy
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Paroles: Hey cutie (feat. trey songz)

Girl I believe you can fly
But you have to spread your wings

Tell her I'm gonna take my...
Shorty wanna know if this is true
That I'm gonna do what it do with her

Get unpredictable
DJ won't you gonna play this song I love so
Get ready like
I like how you move
Get out of life
I had to wait
Zip it while we tell her
She's supersexy

It takes no one to tell me why

I can't keep you off my head
Listen baby
You don't need to be in a magazine
Listen baby
You're the one... me
Super sexy
You are good to me
Rescue me
Super sexy
You make me safe
Come and rescue me [repeats]


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