Soulja Boy - Max Payne

Max Payne Lyrics / Paroles

50 thousand AP it's gone make you blind
Young rich nigga fell in love with the dollar sign
Hit the pj with the brick just like all the time
Grab the draco shoot it up like the columbine
Call up my jeweler he pull up with ice chains
Two pistols on my hip like Max Payne
Post in the hood 100k on a dice game
Look at my wrist my rollie did the hurricane (x2)

Look at my Ap, im in the Ap gang
My chop be booming nigga, im doing my damn thing
Junkie hit the door, they knock at my door, they see it
And they coming right back like a boomerang
Half a check i spent it on my pinky ring
Me and birdman riding that fire flame
Rich gang lil nigga we savages
Zone 1, I was serving that cocaine
Came in the trap I was serving that Mary Jane
Sixteen hit the pot with the hurricane
Wasn't with me when I stand in the trap
And im whipping that doe
And Niggas selling everyting
Sipping ciroc but no im not diddy
Look at the (?) it cost me a 50
Platinum maserati slide thru the city
Hop out the whip im whipping that whiney


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