Soulja Boy - On the News

On the News Lyrics / Paroles

Boy I trap hard flex move through
Brown big soulja who the fuck is you?
See my trap boys they be on the news
I be cashing out on designershoes
Drop top benz boy move through
Im a big soulja who the fuck is you?
And my trap boys they be on the news
I be cashing out on designer shoes

[Verse 1]
Boy I go hard riding on the cruise
I am king soulja who the fuck is you?
See my young niggas they be on the news
Saw me up in traffic he ain't know what to do
Have a 30 on me long as a bitch
You ain't gotta ask boy I tote the clips
If you try me put you in a ditch
I be making money like im mitch
These niggas bitch made they really snitch
Riding through they hood 30 on my hip
Run up on me boy I got that infanred
Run up on mme boy you won't talk again


[Verse 2]
I got 50 bricks in my fucking stash
Free my niggas L's free qanie cash
I take em chickens make em take a bail
He say he wanna slpit it down to half
I need 80% fuck the math
I cash out I dont do the tab
20 15 tessler I do the dash
Riding through the hood and you know I smash
Tv screen looking like an ipad
Riding round town with like nine gats
Run up on me wrong boy ima blast
And your baby mama you know I smash
Riding through the hood smelling like cash
Pouring up lean and im counting cash
Got a bad bitch with a fat ass
Boy I trap hard why I count cash
Boy I date pistols they blast
Money on me boy I got a bag
Boy I check a flag like a check a bag
SOD MG we running that
Run up on me wrong ima spray you flat
Chopper hit your friend lay you on your back
Run up on your house, you get kidnapped
All I need is nan but these techs mad
Hunnid k that bm one day
I just hit a lick for like 60 keys
They call me young pablo E
Blowing on dope with no seeds
Run up on me wrong you get R.I.P
With my young shooters and they toting heat
Big ass guns I can out your feet
Ima trap hard till I rest in peace

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