Soulja Boy - Super Dope [paroles]

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Soulja Boy - Super Dope

Paroles: Super Dope

Whoa [x3]
Can't believe it
Super Dope [x4], so strong
Hey hey, I can't believe it
Whoa whoa, where are you going
Give me the money I'm never gone come back
Super Dope, blast off

I'm smoking super dope, give me a million I'm on a boat
I stand on the stage, and I don't choke (pause)
I'm smoking a blunt, right under my nose
I cash out the store, nigga you know
I step in the block, and you won't
I'm taking a mil, I ship to New York
I'm buying the kicks, I shut down the store

[Verse 1]
Ferragamo fendi, I got plenty
Run up on me, hit you with the semi
In the maybach, feeling like I'm diddy
And this versace is super silky
I'm smoking super dope, Soulja Boy the king
And I fucked your girlfriend, it's not a thing
Smoking blunt after blunt, in my mansion
Got a lot of blunts, cause my diamonds dancing
If you run up on me, I'm a shoot like Larry
Riding in bugatti, man they staring
Pull up to the club in a Mclaren
I got ice from my chain to my earring


[Verse 2]
When I pull up in that foreign, they say Soulja slow down
Got the AK on me, it'll go down
Got a lot of money, yeah you know we got bankroll
I got niggas that hold me, and Simpson Road
And then Lil 100 pull up in that porche, like whoa
Had a lot of girls, they already they know
A'int even got to tell them, they know
She want the molly she want the drink, she smoke
She smoking, she fucking, she sucking, I'm rollin, I'm ridin
I feel like supplying the islands, I go to the air with aliens talking Australian
My plug he looking Caucasian, but really he from Italy
The diamonds they came from cicely, a million