Spenzo - Anytime

Anytime Lyrics / Paroles

Nigga the cash wipe it up anytime I wanna
The girl wait on me, f*ck anytime I wanna
Got the kush stay on me, go anytime I wanna
Rolex check ttime, anytime I wanna.
The cash right up, anytime I wanna
The girl waitin' on me, f*ck anytime I wanna,
I could get the fun, anytime I wanna,
Rolex check time, anytime I wanna.

And the war in my hood I could go tour anytime I wanna
I could exit my hood, to your hood anytime I wanna
Wait Rolex perfect time, lights all still shine,
Next boy still cry, I bossed all the sign,
All you bottles get the first, respect not giving young
And that you got a .. verse, being born and young and made it
In studio record it, land lyrics daily rapped until your uncle foreign
Hold on, I got sin on toe for that .. everywhere, I smoke up in the air, diamonds in my air,
Shine like a chandelier, and the price share the tear,
Let's coolin' right there, we're not near to marijuana
She wants deny, ..


The struggle and the thirst, going though as a young,
For friends Furness, could be Kanye when I wanna
Them new Mike's on, they go get em I got em,
Mine is friends when I got em, act cash when I want em,
Watching rolling work the kitchen, steady scrape I got the corners,
Make the left on the corner, and wipe down when you wanna,
I got a way till is late, I turn up early in the morning,
I pray every day, and just pray when you wanna,
Going on a mission, where the team will got to listen,
If money toast my shit be snitchin'
But I need on my palms snitchin..


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