Stafford Brothers - This Girl (ft. T.I. & Eva Simons)

This Girl Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1: Eva Simons]
Make me feel like I'm falling, skydiver
Rotating behind helicopters
That's the rush I get when I'm thinking of you
Give me wings, make me fly
Wake me up, make me shine
Pull me close, slow me down
Cause I need to know

[Hook: Eva Simons]
Do it one more time for this girl
One more time for this girl
Do it one more time, one more time
Do it one more time for this girl
This, this, this, this
This girl, this girl

[Verse 2: Eva Simons]
On the back, on the ride, supersonic
Yea, I'm racing inside cause we got it
In your arms till the end, keep revolving with you
Give me wing, make me fly
Wake me up, make me shine
Tonight, beg around
Point it up, cause I need you now

[Hook: Eva Simons]

[Verse 3: T.I.]
Okay, I know Ma
I done had so many chances, give me uno mas
You can (?) spazzing in a two door car
I'm thinking me on you, me and you on her
I let you (?) when you woke up
I give it to your ass again about a quarter to 10
Now before I begin and let it slip away
I'm gettin' this in order again here
I'mma need me a lawyer again
Back up in the trap slanging quarters again
Before you know it again, we hopping out the (?) tryna order a (?)
Now a party in the mansion on the water with friends
Would you prefer to make war, make amends
Or, make love from the bed to floor
One more time for old time sake I'm (?)

[Hook: Eva Simons]

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