Stalley - Glass Garages [paroles]

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Stalley - Glass Garages

Paroles: Glass Garages


Get that sure feeling in the '67 cars from Chevrolet

Let me put it this way

If you have a new car, like this new Impala

With its bold, impressive, modern look

You'd have to hide it in an ordinary garage right?

[Verse 1]

All these cars come cash paid

And all of them grownups, they come with ash trays

From the '87 Cutlass to them '68 Stingrays

And you know she came can smoke great

Butter seats like Parkay

Brought blades for the '88 Caprice

Suede swivel bucket seats that remind me of my Jeep

You hear me blocks away, It got that monster beat

Girl in my passenger showing cleavage like she works for Twin Peaks

Who this on the dashboard? 220 when I mash on

Panoramic roof look like a glass backboard

This is all I asked for

You gettin' in? Wipe your feet before, don't touch the stereo

And buckle up when you sit in

This '68 Chevrolet come from the era of the sit-in

I play that triple black and nicknamed it Huey Newton

Black Panther on wheels, giving white women chills

They call it revolutionary cruisin'


Twenty acres of land, one big brick mansion

Backyard all sand

The nerve of them

To ever ask me what I rap for

I just smile and tell them

"Garages with the glass doors"

[Verse 2]

King of the car top

That Monty SS with the bars bought

That was mixtape money wasn't the funny part

354 bought, got it off Saladin, my Muslim cold heart

First times I laid eyes on it, it stole my heart

(?) for the Linc'

Another one for the Fleet'

Now that's money (?)

I'm like fourteen deep, remember walking sixteenth

Dreaming of riding clean, hoes, and baggy jeans

A hundred miles on my Jordans 13's

That was before the sneaker closets

Glass door garages, Eurotour deposits

I was thinking about robbing all the dope boys and (?)

They was riding around here in foreigns, disrespecting the hood

The first terrorist to come through the jungle

You know around here its American muscle

Pontiacs, Bowties, and Fords get love too

Sedan and the Coupes, Pick-up trucks get stored too