Stalley - Harsh Ave

Harsh Ave Lyrics / Paroles

I'm from where the wretched souls mingle,
Dopehouse jumping, junkies fighting for a single,
Cops always rollin up 'cause ounces we be rollin up,
Shootin dice with choppers is tough,
Jake niggas we be holdin' up,
Right in front that green canister,
Underneath housing cameras
'fore we was famous, never mind who's watching us,
Careless with our actions, Yorkview apartment packed in,
Hours spent writing, then out to hustle it off,
Supply it two ways, hard or soft, for my options when I hit the strip,
Different types of fiends out here, they all need a fix,
The uppers and the downers, the haters all around us,

Attention from these cowards,
Between dirt roads and fields of flowers,
I sit and dream for hours,
Same mind state as Desmond Tutu,
Got a couple screws loose,
So I'm ridin' bad tires, still haulin' ass
Haulin' notes on blast, East of Pink in a flash,
Midwest nigga ask about how we conduct ish
Chevy, fully dressed with the black lips, max spit,
If they run, make 'em back flip,
We thrive off the classics,
So be careful down my memory lane,
A lot of memories stain,
The cement of the Southeast side,
Until rain falls and push it all to the side,
Word to Mom, won't let my memories die,
Milq town, I'm down to ride,
As I introduce myself one last time

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