Stalley - Playa Way [Lyrics/Paroles]

Stalley - Playa Way

Playa Way Lyrics / Paroles

[Verse 1]

Wood on my Cartiers

Wood grain when I stares

LeBron twelves on the wood

Watch the Cavaliers

They say, there's levels to this game

Well I'm at its highest tier

Eveything is rare

Down to the P's on my feet

Diamonds in my seats

Got diamonds on repeat

Got the baddest girl you've ever seen

Riding next to me

Dimes by the fleet

Thats the playa's way

Hate the word fleek

That ain't the playas lang

Never knock another man's hustle

I let them playas play

Live my life on the edge

(?) my life the safe way

Money in my pockets, on the floor

Never kept a safe

Love my '87 Carlo

You can have that Wraith

Real niggas got your back

These sucka niggas had your tape

We just trying to stack that pay

They say they seen me riding on chrome

That was yesterday

Today I'm cooling out on Vogues

Just like them playas play

My niggas getting it by the bulk

Whatchu weigh today?


Diamonds in my watch, diamonds in my chian

Diamonds in my rings, diamonds in my frames

That's just the playa way

The playa way


[Verse 2]

Expecting macking

I'm maxing letting my mild burn

Was off balance, tilted axis

But we live and learn

I'm back straight and relaxed

Just like pimping's (?)

What have I lost?

Charge it to the game

Thats pimping terms

Don't want nothing I ain't worked for

Just what a playa earned

Naw I'm lying, I want it all plus the extras

From mansions to Rolexes

Supermodels on the texts

Strippers out in Texas on my facetime

.38 on my waistline, cause pigs love to hate crime

Playa haters out to take mine

I'm living for my niggas on that state line

The ones who kept me grinding

And told me never ever waste time

Your house they'll surround it you try and take me out mine

Thats loyalty outline

Some behind bars sacrificing their lifetime

So everybody else shine

Its foolish and selfless at the same time

But they wouldn't have it no other way

When living the playas way



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