Stalley - Voila [Lyrics/Paroles]

Stalley - Voila

Voila Lyrics / Paroles



This some G shit

You know

I traveled the world a lot

And one of my favorite spots is Paris, you know what I'm saying?

In Paris you know

When they say what it is, they say voila


[Verse 1]

Silver SLS outside the opera house

Bape shark hoodie raging bull fires

BCG gold shining under lights

3:30 am out in Paris cause (?) make my ring bling

When I shine and you shine it really ain't the same thing

This paper in my pocket ain't green

My life should be a painting

Hung inside the Louvre, at the Moulin Rouge

Hung up on the groove of this midwest repper

When you talk rap, ain't none better

When you talk fleet, ain't none fresher

The coup's inside leather

And you miss, you can't do no better

So hop your ass in this two seater

Fully loaded all new features

Its like a spaceship

Jaw dropper, let your face hit

Js stay lit, drive the world with niggas I came up with

Never walk with simps cause that shoe don't fit

Got knots and a judo grip

I'm getting money nigga (I'm getting money nigga)

Show it off in the bezel let them diamonds drip

For everyone who passed away, that I grew up with

Pitchforks in the air for my southeast click

Slick ruler tip jeweler new Frank Mueller the hands go tick (I'm getting money nigga)

Everything automatic from the cars to the hammer I grip

Born hustler if this rap don't work then this hand gon' flip

I told 'em don't worry plan A gon' stick

That's word to chico homie bank on it

[Break: Method Man & Ghostface Killah]

M: I said I am what I am

And I do what I do

G: Task force shit global with my crew

M: I said I am what I am

And I do what I do

G: Pull all blacks ride Chevy with my crew

M: I said I am what I am

And I do what I do

G: Three fingers spell the set with my crew

M: I said I am what I am

And I do what I do

G: Stack Mad bread, catch wreck with my crew

M: I'm getting money nigga

[Verse 2: Stalley]

Life lavish (?) to escape the average

Still savage, pants saggin', hat backwards

Still bossing, flossing designer fabrics

Still lost in translation out in Paris

Militant Soulquarian, native tongues blaring

Jungle brother in air raids (?) edotion

The style is wisdom expressed through colors

BCG blue everything my neck is smothered in African gold

The Rolli make the time go slow

Fast money from the sixties I got rhymes to go

Run my stack up international

Then I'm back in the states, tips on my grand national

Thick smoke when my crew link, don't give a care about what you think

Don't talk losing in the circle of winners

SS logos on fenders

We came a long way from dirty niggas in the hallway

Eating fishstick dinners

We turn nothing into something

Man this shit just in us

Je t'aime

Je t'aime

Je t'aime

Je t'aime


I will share with

With a man working at McDonalds, washes dishes

Football players, basketball players, lawyers, doctors

I will not share with somebody who breaks the law


When you break the law you be inquisitive about anothers

So he wants a normal job but I don't give a fuck about no other man

See I just want to get with this woman

But a thug want to know shit about me

You don't know that you're telling this man shit

And this not right

If your man works at McDonalds, whats he doin'?

It ain't none of my business

Alright listen

I'm not gonna judge him, I'm not gonna badmouth him

I told him, I told her too

I said "If another man talks about another man

Dogs him out to get with a woman, don't ever get with that woman

Shit I can't understand

So thats like when you come through

Rich man'll worry about the broke ass nigga shit

Say bitch you gotta discredit me and he's the man

Well I shouldn't even exist

He should be on so strong and your bitch was like ain't even know you had a baby boo

Like let alone this nigga broke or this nigga lame

Or bitch, I'm not stuck on that nigga

Bitch I'm that nigga bitch get with me

I don't know nothing about this man

So if you hate on this man

To get with this woman

Yous a lame

How you doin' honey?

Where you at?

Sweating my ass off outside on the patio

You don't want to (?) out there

Are you here with me now

Are you with me?

N Glen'll getcha

Oh hey baby

He'll take care of you. I tried to tell him a few of the things

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