Starlito - My Love (ft. Don Trip ) [paroles]

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Starlito - My Love (ft. Don Trip )

Paroles: My Love

Black Sheep Don't Grin...they cry

Deleted all my texts from my ex before I went home
Nothing to hide but trust subsides when you been gone
I paid rent lights cable and her Sprint phone
Did all I could for her except left her alone
I'm no good and I know it
So hood and I show it
All my smiles turn stoic so I wrote it, a poet
Hold up, does that make this poetic?
And if i don't regret it, does that make me pathetic?
Knew better and did lesser
I don't deserve much credit
I know it's gonna hurt her and what's worse I just accept it
(These are my confessions)
I ain't supposed to be so reckless, I just hope that she ain't notice those emojis in that message (hold on)

(at least let me tell you why I'm this way, you don't understand. no one understands.)

And now i'm messing with a married woman, sneakin' and freakin'
My conscience got my tweakin' from an evening last weekend
Say, I give her what she need and it don't matter how infrequent
She know about my girl so what we have's our little secret
Yeah I peeped that I unleash her inner freak, with me she can be indecent
When you're cheating it always feel like you're on defense
And I've been "impreeving" as a reason and accept the text messages her eyes wide as she received it
I said "hold up, why you leaving?"
She said "Oh, I got my reasons
"My friends tried to tell me you weren't shit, but seeing is believing."
Now, looks can be deceiving
Cause I'm the one standing here grieving, guess we even

(you don't understand. no one understands...)