Starlito - Real Spill [paroles]

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Starlito - Real Spill

Paroles: Real Spill

What your life like? Mine dog of course is real


[Verse 1: Starlito]

Text message from the penitentiary

My hype man got a quarter century

My silent partner got 15, real nigga stuck in the system

Hold ya head, though the odds against ya

When ya touch down we gone ball eventually

C keep telling me to buy the Bentley

To remind em im getting it, I'm just minding my business

Rewind to the time we was higher than Hendrix

The power of the mind ya the sky's the limit

Hating mother fuckers be disguised as friendly

Got me riding with semi’s, this ain't an image

I be out here in these streets and this shit ain't sweet

If nobody got touched then it really ain't beef

I got hitters on the team that will kill you for free

Well they'll do it for a gram, you just do it for the gram

I do it for my fam, ya, You never will if you don’t think you can

I just been planning my work then working my plan

God damn on the drink again

This pain in my heart you can see it on my eyes now its leaking out my ink pen

On my self who I depend, feel like I'm going off the deep end, Punch me in

Just got a call from my homie ready to kill this nigga bout some shit that happened 12 years ago

Had to laugh say fuck it, really ain't funny I know he was dead serious though, Let him live bro

Karma is real, that's why a nigga broke, thankful for the wisdom just to think it over

No where near sober, shit every time I blink a nigga think its over

Shit every time I blink a nigga think its over