Statik Selektah - 21 & Over (ft. Sean Price & Mac Miller) [paroles]

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Statik Selektah - 21 & Over (ft. Sean Price & Mac Miller)

Paroles: 21 & Over

[Hook - Styles P]
If you under 21
You shouldn’t listen to this

[Verse 1 - Sean Price]
Black folks, crack spoke
Big head scientist…
Fake tears and stakes here
Crunchin’ my thug cause I ain’ shoot a nigga in 8 years
Sets a period
Period rex gettin’ interior air
And you’re livin’ your death inferior
Listen, it’s so thuggish to sniff ‘caine
Make me cold blooded, motherfucker, I’m Rick James
Hell of a drug, Sean Price, hell of a thug
Hang with Sheen, I got elephant blood
Listen to me, y’all better not listen to me
Fuck around and catch a case, tryin’ to be like P
Listen, a ring on you brother, I’m harming you daily
Clown, Ringling Bros. and Barnum and Bailey
P, now download this on a disk
If you’re under 21, you shouldn’t listen to this


[Verse 2 - Mac Miller]
Phew, just made the cut baby
Let me light this motherfucking weed I’m smoking
Yeah, yeah yeah yeah
For real
Light the crack pipe so I know it’s real
Whoa, young Bill Murray
I’m 21, but I feel 30
A little birdy out in Jersey
Said my raps were too wordy
Told his bitch to suck my dick
And do it dirty, slurpy
I smell earthy, puttin’ curry on my turkey
I’m Blade 3, you’re more Blades of Fury
Blonde dykes love me for my Klondike tummy
Gettin’ all types of money
I’m with Sean Price, dummy, P
Polite stuntin’ at a nice white luncheon
Met your wife
Pipe plumbing led to all night humping
Oh no, the end of your life comin’
We the tribe, don’t me Phife something
My bitch from Beirut, she get loose
110 proof, call me Zeus
Pussy tighter than a wetsuit
Jesus Christ, he so nice