Statik Selektah - No. 8 (feat. Conway, Westside Gunn & Termanology)

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Statik Selektah - No. 8 (feat. Conway, Westside Gunn & Termanology)

Statik Selektah

No. 8

Featuring(s) : Conway, Westside Gunn & Termanology

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Paroles - lyrics: No. 8

Verse 1: Conway
Ayo, Statik Selektah
I got these niggas strappin' their vest up
Bitch niggas get to talkin', then I'm grabbin' their ---
My OGs said, don't let these rap niggas stress ya, uh
Especially a nigga you had under pressure
The Mac on the dresser, it had a compressor
So you don't hear shit when it clappin -----
Out we lurkin' all day, if I happen to catch, two things - black bag or a stretcher
I'm back and I'm fresher, never been to college, no
Never had a professor, but I just got a package from Hector, wow
I'm straight nigga, ---- down a set of weight nigga
But I'd rather be in the studio going apes nigga
You just a rapper, stay in your place nigga
Before I had the goons blickin at your --- nigga
Stay in your lane and be safe, nigga
Or get hit with the 30 in the face, nigga



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