Stein - Set It Up [paroles]

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Stein - Set It Up

Paroles: Set It Up


Gyal when yuh back it up

Broad out, c-k it up

Gyal mi love when yo set up yo body fi mi

Buckle up and wet up yo body fi mi
(Verse 1)

Gyal set it up fi mi

Set it up fi mi

Drop hi pon the floor and tek it up fi mi

Gi mi everything weh mi seh yo must gi mi

Yo body have quality and yo body a no immi
Gyal turn back way and wine pon the Jimmy

Yuh no haffi tek off fi yo skirt weh a mini

Meck mi use mi iphone 5 and film hi

Yo no stretch out like bingi
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Right foot pon the wall left one a ground

Tension wi haffi use honor down

Yuh have a daughter Stiney yo get yo son

Beat up, beat up, beat up the ketti drum

Hey gyal mi naw play wid yo

All when yo left mi yard da touch yah a stay wid yo

Mi know how fi love yo long meck sweat pail yo

Neighbors a listen meck wi tun up the radio
(Repeat Chorus)