Stein - So Mi Dweet [paroles]

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Stein - So Mi Dweet

Paroles: So Mi Dweet


A so mi dweet, me have a different gyal everyday a the week

Gyal a dead over mi, coffin and dweet

All when mi hear tough like concrete

Gyal a seh a me dem love

Fi have nuff gyal a no mi problem

Fi get nuff gyal a no mi problem

Mi cyaa tame so mi gyal from Africa

Seh mi wild like the animal dem
(Verse 1)

Trudy come check mi pon Monday

And a seh shi waan stay till Sunday

Early Tuesday morning wifey haffi come

So shi haffi drive out inna the Hyundai

Wednesday a new gyal waan come deh

A no seh shi no waan a next umbra

And a check mi fi mash up mi best life

If mi no meet are Thursday

The Indian weh mi meet paw Friday

Same day shi a do whatever I seh

Tatoche a meck the gyal dem a move like Google

Find mi all when time mi fly weh

Saturday mi get a gyal from Mobay

Weh seh shi love mi to the bone like a xray

Early Sunday morning inna the church

Mi thief the pastor gyal when him did a pray
(Repeat Chorus)
(Verse 2)

Gyal a mad like belview over mi

Gyal a use love scent a try fi obea mi

Some man a get gyal true dem a star

Mi a get gyal from mi a no nobody

Mi get gyal the easiest

Like Vado dem a seh we the best

Mi get anything me request

No gyal cyaa get me fi stress
(Repeat Chorus)
(Repeat Verse 1)
(Repeat Chorus)