Stephen Marley - Rockstone (ft. Capleton & Sizzla) [paroles]

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Stephen Marley - Rockstone (ft. Capleton & Sizzla)

Paroles: Rockstone

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(Verse 1)

Rock stone was my builder couldn't find place fi sleep

Pop dem head wi haffi find food fi eat

Everyday wi terrorize by soldier and police

When the thing dem a drum and thing dem a beat

From dem a play cow boy, and Indian, and Chief

From the first, to the third, straight up to seven street

One thing in a wi mind a fi jump wid the beat

And meck it in a life, and inherit, and delete
Better the stone dem deh yah

Self employ, cannot get lay off

Mount a work mi have cant even get a day off

Who did waan fi stop mi now dem find out seh dem way off

Alright and mi seh one by one, one by one

One by one wi stepping out a babylon
Then one by one, one by one

Hail King Selassie High the cankering lion
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(Verse 2)

Help us now

Take us from the slum

Never keep a bottle while strictly fire burn

Tare us down, take us from the slum

Never keep on matter while king Selassie High blessing come

Sufferation is thing could be no harder time

Got to wise in your views caw they broader your mind

Watch the voice in the ghetto now where else can you find

Hunger, Poverty, a teach dem so unkind

As a matter a fact, there is a after shock

When the ground was my bed and my pillow was a rock

Try to make it through the system all the doors were lock

Yea nothing beat a… I ain't go stop

Mount a time they write a book on yo

Or set another crock they would a put on yuh

Yet when yuh in to dept they wouldn't look on yuh

They would only stand and wanna wipe the foot on yuh
Mi nah lie, true mi hail King Selassie High dem waan fi war I

Read mi bible through the week and praise the fari

Good bye babylon good bye, good bye

Open door, zion door

Mount zion Ethiopia for sure

Children of Israel, children of Israel
(Repeat Chorus)
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(Repeat Chorus)