Stick Figure - Shadow

Shadow Lyrics / Paroles

Oh there she goes, walking the same old country road
Oh there she goes, I said you think but you don’t know

[Verse 1]
This may be the best day of your life
Said those are the words and the words that I live by
And everybody’s talking, but they got nothing to say
There's a time, there's reason and purpose and a place
I don’t know how to say this, but girl you got me thinking
Your down upon your knees, like quicksand your sinking
Spilling your heart, you cannot fill up
I said i thought this was the last time, you said you’d had enough


[Verse 2]
Lord knows I got everything I need
I got soul, I got rhythm, got a dog I got my guitar
Take a deep breath, and feel the air you're breathing
It gives life it’s rhythm and it comes from the trees
And I can’t stop the time, lords knows you can’t either
Time it is your friend, time it is the healer
Forward always, keep the wheels in motion
Maybe that’s why I like living by the ocean



When you got nothing you got nothing to lose
When you got something, there’s something to choose
One cup empty and the other is full
Never let nobody get the best of you
Lord, you must forgive me if I go insane
Life it keeps you guessing and some people change
Our love, it never dies it remains the same
I wish I could say it but I can’t say

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