Strong arm steady - When darkness falls (ft. Marsha ambrosius) [Lyrics/Paroles]

Strong arm steady - When darkness falls (ft. Marsha ambrosius)

When darkness falls Lyrics / Paroles

To all my people in the streets that will never gonna see the light
Got me asking why
Why must it be this way
Got me asking why
Shouldn't had to be so hard you know we can...
Cause when the darkness fall we rise above it

Way harder than I look
Way tougher than I sound
Ain't no... run up in my town
Treated like a nigger wanna build my house
Scandalous bitch... got them out
Lose... the one in their mouth
Like the... we should go in town
... rising his child
And ever worse parents beating him
This is a cold verse
Tiger Woods playing for the whole...
Nigger never get to see the light until they are all white
... in front of their eyes
The price is never right
But the lyrics always been tight
This is a verse and my eyes they are like...
Make your body physically drop
Mentally stop... play a Hollywood shuffle


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