Paroles: Garfield

Yo, yo
I been going through this thing, I've been sleeping with this girl for about three months now, um, I met her online, I met her through Instagram and now she wants to meet my mom, which is fine, which is cool, I'd love her to meet my mom but the only problem is, I don't know to explain to my mom what she does for a living, how we met or what her government name is
What-what's her name?
I can't do this wit' you guys
I don't know if it's Garfield with three D's because it's her breast size or it's how many dicks she can take
Nah, bro
But either way, either way, I just don't know if it's something we can bring up at dinner, you know?
This is old now, bro
She's Garfield for a reason: her pussy's fat, she's lazy and she tastes like lasagne
And you feel those are great attributes to bring home to your mother?
She's a working woman, she dances in Joe Budden's Instagram live, everyday except for Monday, she hates Monday's, hates Monday's
You on the live too Jeff?
Uh, yeah, it's my phone
And you supporting this?
I mean, I don't give money to her CashApp but-
Guys, every penny counts
Are you fucking serious right now?
No, I'm fucking Garfield, are you listening?
... Okay, cool, I'll talk to you later
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