Styles P - Never Fight an African

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Styles P - Never Fight an African

Styles P

Never Fight an African

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Paroles - lyrics: Never Fight an African

Shout to all the real niggas

[Verse 1]
Die for the cause, yeah, I will (I will)
I used to do crime for the thrills and all for the bills
With a white man face from a black slum
Like I'm gon’ need a white man place
I'm a brown king, why I need the white man grace?
I just need to pray so I can get the right man's grace
That’s the god up above
My people mud colored but dirt from the earth
So I know that we made of love
Soak up the sun like a sponge (Soak it up)
Dance for the rain, we are one (We dancin')
We all of the elements with all of the resonance
I like 'em dead if we speakin' on presidents
Not a Trump supporter, not a Clinton supporter
And Obama slipped too, we need to get it in order (Facts)
I let the truth and the facts out
Let's turn the White House to a glass house
But fuck politics, pull the hash out
And the peace pipe
I came from the streetlights to the limelight, tryna eat right
And if one brother starves, we ain't eat right


[Verse 2]
Treat man kind 'cause I'm part of mankind
Never talkin’ dirt, burner or landline
Cross me, that’s like steppin' on a landmine
I am outside with my folks tryna man mine
I ain’t no house nigga, I been in the fields
Where I'm from niggas run when they see a shield
Everybody know the deal
If you get knocked by the cops when you locked, you don't get no appeal
Time to level-up and fuck the Devil up
I'm at peace with my brother, I’m puttin' the metal up
If you owe me, then show, it's time to settle up
Forty acres and a mule in a Porsche, just set it up


[Verse 3]
Let me give you a little insight
You are still black if your skin's light
You are still black if your skin's white
But forget about skin types, focus on the facts
History'll make the whole world black
Yeah, the whole world round
God is the king and we could all get a crown




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