Styles P - Other Side

Other Side Lyrics / Paroles


I love my motherfucking brothers, my word

[Verse 1:]

If you feel right at the bottom

Your homie got killed and you praying God got him (pray for him)

Wishing you could shoot who shot him

You see them in the zone just know that the pack got em

Smile at the good look forward to the better times

Weed up there, look forward to getting heaven high

Peace sign to the sky, we’ll forever ride

See you on the other side, knowing it’s the better side (I see you)

I'll be down here lightin' pot

For niggas that got life and niggas that got shot

Niggas that rap nice but niggas would not pop

They never got signed but niggas did not stop (they didn’t)

It's pain in the vocals, more in the dubs and the ad libs

If you know where the path is

Road to perdition, the ride die

Nigga jump start the ignition and you done your trippin



Praying for my niggas on the other side

Represent your memory 'til the day I die

I'm trying to make it through the hard times

No matter what you're going through

You know you got to fight, fight

[Verse 2:]

Now you're down and you’re out cause you broke

And the motherfuckin' bills do you wanna merk somethin

Yeah, I feel you (I feel you)

But don't let that stress kill you

Light it, come up with a plan to make em feel you (come on wid a plan)

You can be broke, but not broke down (don’t break down)

There's a faith for your life and it's a close round

Ran to faith hold hope down, hope hold faith down tryin' to get it straight now (I’m tryin)

Let God, Imma need to say more, pray more, know I got sins I got to pay for (I know)

What you think I’d be lighting up the Jays for

I got a lot but I seem to want way more (I want way more

Struggle to make you stronger

So I keep the hunger just to last a little longer

That's why I stay reppin for the corners

Promise to keep it G, 'til the day I'm goner


[Verse 3:]

When you die, you wanna said you ate with your niggas

Basically saying break down your plates, you niggas

Or at least smoked an 8th with your niggas

You don’t smoke, then you should drink a case with your niggas

Tomorrow ain’t promised

Tryna make the best of today tho (try)

As long as you're breathing, you're okay though (you’re ok)

Light up the blunts get some more smoke

This is for the dead and alive and all the poor folk

Yeah, yeah, yeah



No matter, no matter

You gotta fight









Oh oh yeah

Oh oh yeah

No matter, no matter

You know you got to fight

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