Styles p - Raekwon freestyle [Lyrics/Paroles]

Styles p - Raekwon freestyle

Raekwon freestyle Lyrics / Paroles

Matser Shamon!
We're getting close now, niggers!
Kings listen, when the masters drops
If we get hawked or the plastic pops
Cops chasing my man, I'm chasing after the cops
Do what I have to,.. for the block
Only thing talking to me is the hands in the dark.
This time my nigger, I could rhyme my nigger,
You're better than me, you watch your mind, my nigger!
Like a thick ass jewels, go ahead and shine my nigger,
Try to grow like the plants and trees,
(I'm growing!)
Cause niggers are running, tell you, don't stand the...
If the cocaine is wet, nigger fan the keys,
And the... cause I've got fans to please!
I ain't got body, but you can learn...
One eighty, one eighty, positive and negative!
Incredible nigger, suck a shit I never did,
Never read, never fuck your man broad
Cause niggers will get you whack for a few grands...
Also killing niggers, fans ta the...
Fake niggers... no hands on the...
... I was camouflage large,
American and the European money, the destination
Take your shot, if you want the investigation
Go ahead and light it with the niggers...
If you don't want the same thing... get you excited
... without the money for fighting, yeah!
My nigger!
My niggers!
October 4, fool, that on!
Master, one!

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