Styles P - Untouchable Ghost / Ghost Walls [Lyrics/Paroles]

Styles P - Untouchable Ghost / Ghost Walls

Untouchable Ghost / Ghost Walls Lyrics / Paroles

[Part 1: "Untouchable Ghost"]
I can talk but would you listen to me
You can listen but would I talk to you
The apple is [?] well that's New York for you
Your food on the menu, they put a fork through you
There's a difference with you and I
Cause I be prayin' to live, them be prayin' to die
Do you think about the crib and the family staying inside
Do you think about the wicked and niggas spraying inside
For acting like you fly when you ain't got wings
In the land of the peasants where we ain't got kings
So I knock Push and get [?] with it
Cause you say you the king, niggas is in your palace with it
Take your queen from you, that'd get you
Life is like chess in the lobby and Bobby Fisher
Well I used to be, now they talking juice to me
Eatin' right, sets on the bar, nigga sleepin' right
They gon' say I'm evil like [?] and Osama
Cause I been slangin' work since Ragan and Obama
And the rest [?] like West [?] with more drama
Then the hills have eyes
Got me staring at the money like the bills have eyes
You could see that you were sick if the pills have eyes
Now who am I to judge, It's all love, I been weak too
Couple shots ,half a perc, I been geeked too
Lil nigga I'm tryna reach you
I'm complete when I'm [?] too
Beware of the people that's underneath you
They dance with the devil
Niggas is hungry, they wanna feast too
Watch for the streets, them shits'll teach you

[Part 2: "Ghost Walls"]
If these walls could talk
And if walls could talk
And the project halls could talk
They would tell you [?]
Who work from here to Baltimore
That's the old me, this the new me
Still keep it ghetto, I'm raised off of Coogi
[?], brown Timbs on
He ain't BIG, said he was king shit he been wrong
My opinion, my deminion
Anywhere I'm at, [?] start the engine
Get to ridin', get to dyin'
Hundred blunts lit, my niggas get to flying
One third of the three thirds
Hear the pain the ad-libs and reverbs
Been G'd up, better do your research
Searchin' [?] even when the beast work
Nice hand [?] my feet work
Goon nigga but I still let the heat work
[?] you better slow down now
Tell these lil niggas what you know right now
Word up, you should nerd up
Rap niggas ain't throw a bird up
Ain't nothing wrong with that
Ain't nothing cool with cuffs
Ain't nothing strong with stacks
At your lawyer every week, yeah I'm off of that
Yeah, I'm on to bigger shit, I do more than rap
I'm the mic killer, I'm the night killer
I'm the safe killer, I'm the night thriller
We eat together, I'm tight with ya
You disrespecting, I'll fight with ya
Win, lose, or draw
Shit I always ride first, fuck choosin' straw nigga

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