Swagg Man - Get Money [paroles]

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Swagg Man - Get Money

Paroles: Get Money


These girls they wanna have my baby

I sip this liquor till it's gone

And I don't think that God can save me

I spend this money till it's gone

You gon get this money

We gon get this money

I spend this cash until it's gone

Money money money

Get money money money ( x4)

[Verse 1]

I'm havin a hard time keeping these alligators on my feet

How dare these niggas try to make more money than me

Tatts on my face and she wanna touch my sleeve

Touch all you want but you know this dick ain't free

Better have my cash up front

Better have my cash up front

Hold up

If it ain't bout that money, bitch don't wake me up

I got Bentleys, Ferraris

I go to sleep in Bugattis

Oh yeah my lambo I'm sorry

I done said too much


[Verse 2]

Condo in Dubai

Where you know I get too high

In Miami with a bad bitch nigga

Where you know it gets too hot

I ain't never goin' broke

Chain lookin like a rope

In my private plane and I parachute down to the boat

Imma James Bond these niggas

Imma James Bond these niggas

Big bank vs lil bank

Yeah I'm taking all these niggas

I don't care what you hoes say

Cause I'm feelin real posey

New Phantom all black

And the guts same color as cocaine