Sweet Da Kid - When I Blow

When I Blow Lyrics / Paroles

Cadillac whip, ballin' chain, New G shit, on it man
Nod yo head, Cause you heard the thing
Three new chicks, So I copped the range
Ménage a trois, But it's just a fling
I don't really do that normally
Bitch on the pole, Make it rain
Brand new grip, So I can gat the lames
Riding drop top with a single lady
Matte it black, And I dropped the frame
Trunk sit low, Let the bumper hang
Like the six four low, With the candy paint
Puffin that purp, Keep the bitches tamed
Video vix, fuck for fame
Mile high, in the plane
Shawty want me, And she want the thang
Don't say the kids name, In that vein
Down wit the flu, I been sick for days
When I'm dead, That's when I'm out the game
Feds on me, like the pootytang
I don't know shit, I don't catch the blame
Act so tough, but you really ain't
Beating up beats, back again
Flipping packs, takes half a brain
G it up, and you twice the man
Swerving right and left out the lanes
Leaned as fuck, So you can take the reigns
If you gotta bad bitch, Keep her trained
I'm pepperoni, yo shit is plain
I'm slaying slacks, So I'm glad you came
Cats cooling up, But I spit the flame
Rhymes so sweet, Don't forget the name

My shit is hot, and you on the low
Bad bitches, love the flow
Cashing checks, getting dough
Where the fuck do all ya'll buy your clothes?
Found flyer digs at the thrift store
Gotta sweet thing, I'll takes yours
In the bedroom, she a nympho
What kinda dirty things is you into?
My shit sick, I'm mental
Brush up yours, like dental
It ain't netflix, it's rental
To the drawing boards I sent you
My shit is hot I know
My bitch is hot I know
My whip is hot I know
They can't never stop my flow
Freaks and geeks, in these lab coats
Poppin bottles, you mad though
Jacked up like Rambo
Ballin' out and you flat broke
Snitch bitches got scape goats
Drop the tape and you take notes
Lotta talk, but you fake though
So what you making that face for?
I dropped the beat, but I meant too
I'm spitting game on you lame dudes
You wouldn't wanna talk to my main crew
I'm climbing up and you high school
It ain't snap backs and tattoos
It's cock back and blast goons
I'm killing cats, who to blame fool?
These lame dudes with the rap tunes
Crossing up cats like D rose
Thug Robin Hood, I'm hero
We getting high, rolling slow
Don't forget the name
It's what you need to know

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