Sy Ari Da Kid - Chase [paroles]

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Sy Ari Da Kid - Chase

Paroles: Chase

[Intro: Da Kid]

Ay shawty, we were wondering if we could borrow some brown sugar

We yo goddamn new neighbors

And if it's cool let me get 2 eggs and a slice of cheese man

Feel me

[Verse 1: Da Kid]

I'm on the south side that's where Dae Dae chill

I'm rocking fake Js but I say they real

I only bought em cause the colors match

Got em at the flee market I can't bring them fuckers back

If anybody peep that they would probably show us

I might wear em tomorrow if nobody notice

And fuck a retail I wait for the low

Same outfit 2 days in a row

She says she hate it when I call women bitches

I said I hate the fact that all her niggas bitches

Got a couple hoes got a few tramps

Got a grown bitch I'm using for her food stamps

[Hook: Da Kid 2x]

Broke nigga moves 3x

This how broke niggas do

Broke nigga moves 2x

I know, I used to be a broke nigga too

[Verse 2: Da Kid]

I'm on the north side that where Teezy be

Couple turkeys and a bootleg DVD

Laughing at my pain shit it funny partna

Coulda hit the movies but that would have cost me 20 dollars

Man I'm starving hope my bitch home

Only nigga in the club with a flip phone

Bill collectors tryna wrestle like I'm Steve Austin

Hate driving downtown ain't no free parking

All these road trips, but if yo man fly

Fuck a first class, bitch I'm stand-by

Broke nigga make you sit, I ain't asked y'all

Driving fast heard my nigga selling gas cards

[Hook 2x]

[Verse 3: Sean Teezy]

They call me Teezy on the north side

Get it free with no ID up in sports line

Yo bitch yelling from courtside

Never mind that silly ho

Chose up cause she seeing me with a helicopter in my video

Now the more money I make, the less I wanna spend

Ain't no smoking up all my weed and I ain't feeding your friends

No I can't, you get's no love

Lame ass try and catch a dollar at the strip club

[Hook 2x]