Paroles: Air & Water Interlude

Without Tip, the world just might tip
Might fall off axis
That's what you call balance
The ying, the yang, the twins Gemini
They looking at the diamonds on you, forgetting you came out a cold world
Driving tourists got you [?]
They trapped like a cancer [?] in the barrel
You still absorbed it, losing your element
You know, heir to the throne
A lot of talk about your home niggas, think Tiny you talk big
Lot of lying under fire, you did some shit
But ask [?] the cherry is 'bout your archery, as straight as a straight shooter can get
Was raised by the wolves, gotta keep the sheep from your kids
I see what the Pisces
Lot of crusty niggas wanna try P
Nigga, he tipped
Son of a gun, seen it all of the clips
Looking in the eyes of justice and been a pupil of it
In the 6 house but he ain't a virgin to this
Done time and took time to cover this shit
Making sure the scales wasn't tipped in the wrong way for I, P
Feel like he the GOAT in this bitch
Way beyond December to January-ish
He always gon' score POs get off of the dick
We know you love your family, you welcome to fish
Go through hell for all of your kids
They your Aries, FGs
Let her fly, let him be
But no retro grade
So let's get back to the A
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