T.I. - Check, Run It [paroles]

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T.I. - Check, Run It

Paroles: Check, Run It


Ignant motherfucker please

You know exactly what a motherfucker need

I need a bag 'bout a hundred fifty Gs

You don't want us to make a motherfucking scene

Check, run it, all hundreds (x4)

Check, run it

No broke shit in my life

Cause I'm scared that shit could rub off on me

I'm superstitious, no lie

Check, run it

No broke shit in my life (x2)

[Verse 1]

I tell you no lie

I be everywhere you go, guy

Over here every hoe who go by

Say that nigga right there be so fly

Aye doubling up is all I'm about

Man one or two million kept all in the house

I'm calling them shot

Get all of them shots

Hate me till your stomach is all in or not

Boy I'm already hot I'm already rich

You better be gone, you lil' bitty bitch

You petty as shit, I'm real as it get

My nigga Cap hear me say hit 'em with dick

Keep the fuck out your lingo!

They be still invitin' em and calling it swag

None of them niggas you know

Fucking with me, you know it's all in the bag



[Verse 2]

I got a big cheque coming with the commas all on it

Audemar shine like some Armor All don't it

Fresh out of fucks giving in to my opponent

Tell him you can keep your baby mama I don't want it

I'm a cold motherfucker man, better watch what you say

I ain't taking shit from no motherfucker man

Fuck a piece I want the whole motherfucking thing

Can you hear me?

Go tell the promoter hundred racks for an appearance

Go play in another city rap before I'm here

You a fuck nigga

I know you ain't one of us, nigga

She sucking everybody dick and you all in the club with her

Like you all in love with her

Everybody know what's up with her

Ayy, run a hatchet like a flag pole

I've been getting it since Kermit the Frog was a tadpole